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Classroom Ideas

Construct a Viking Ship

This superbly shaped Viking longship is made from a cereal box about the size of an A4 page. You first make a template from another light piece of waste cardboard. You'll also need about
60cm of strong thread and a used sheet of A4 paper. All the instructions are given on the 3-page PDF booklet.

This consruction is well within the capabilities of 5th and 6th class children and it integrates well with aspects of the History curriculum. There is wide scope for creativity in painting the ship and designing the sail (see page 3 of the instructions).

Click the image to download the instructions.

How to Make Halloween Mobiles

Halloween Mobiles on Black Paper
Make a cardboard template as explained on the printed PDF and use the template to draw CAT and MOUSE shapes on black paper.

Click the image to download the single page of illustrated instructions.

Make a Daffodil from an A4 sheet

Make a Paper Daffodil from one A4 sheet of paper.

An A4 sheet of paper measures 21 x 29.7 mm. What is the largest size square you can cut from an A4 sheet of paper? Make the stem and leaves of a daffodil from the largest square and use the remaining paper to make the star and cup shapes.

Click the picture to open a full colour instruction sheet.

There are many art and construction ideas available in books and on-line for the other feasts and celebrations during the school year especially Easter, Christmas and Halloween. Please watch this space from time to time.

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